Longtail Keyword Research for Ranking Your Sites

So you’ve read a lot recently about keyword research for ranking your websites. You know you need to research keywords to be able to have a niche site worth investing in. The problem is, there’s so much contradictory information out there, your head is spinning. So, who do you listen to? How do you know if a keyword is worth pursuing? Do you even need keyword research to begin with?

Let me shed some light on this for you. First of all, if you are trying to monetize your website or blog, you absolutely need to optimize it for keywords.

Think of it this way. You do a search in Google for keyword research. On the first page of Google are the ten results of sites that receive the most traffic, naturally, because they are optimized for that keyword. You see one that interests you, a video. You click on it and go to Youtube to watch the video. On the same page are other videos with more keyword research tips. You bookmark that Youtube page so you can find it again later, making it more popular.

It’s a page that you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed if you didn’t search for the keyword in Google and see it on the first page. Now, imagine you’re trying to rank a website that sells products, like an online store. Do you think it would be worth having your site on page one in Google? Sure, it’s hard to do that. Many people are already competing with you to get their sites there, so they can enjoy the benefits of free targeted traffic to their sites.

As you can see, it’s pretty important for traffic for your site to rank well in the search engines. So, just how do you do this? Well, you’ll never do it using generic keywords like dieting. You have to use long tail keywords like dieting for women over forty. Long tail keywords are normally 3 or more word phrases that have much less competition but are still searched for heavily.

Remember that a word doesn’t need a million searches a month to make money for you. As a general rule, try to look for at least 1000 searches a month. People are making a fortune on long tail keywords that have hardly any searches. But, those are targeted searches with very little competition. Which means that when someone searches for them, they are being very specific in their request for that particular information.

This can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line if you’re selling products online. Of course, you should have articles and content on your site that caters to the particular terms being searched so that you will get indexed for those terms. When you combine that with a back linking strategy and some search engine optimization, you can enjoy a ton of free traffic coming to your site from those obscure keywords.

This, of course, can translate into more sales for you, if you’re selling products. This is how many entrepreneurs are enjoying free traffic and making sales for seemingly little effort.

I’ll be following up with more posts on keywords, as it’s a very important part of your online money making strategy. For now, start doing some more research into long tail keyword. Be sure to read the other resources at the end of this post for more in depth information.  Until next time, take care and Be More. Patrick

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Get Focused for the New Year

Well, another year is winding down fast. As it nears the end of the year, I’m reflecting on my accomplishments for the year. As is probably the case with many people, I wanted to realize more of my goals than I actually did. That being said, I’m not unhappy with my goals that did come to fruition.

I have learned a lot with regards to my online business ventures and have laid a solid groundwork for the coming year. I can see the coming year as culminating into a very successful year for me. As well, I  feel like I’ve made some  excellent progress in the way of learning some new skills.

I hope you all feel the same and that you reflect on this year as a positive experience for you and your direction in life. For even better results in the coming year, how about getting more focused and concentrated on your goals?

Everyone should have some New Years resolutions all ready to ponder and strive for. Hopefully by now, you’ve taken action on them and actually committed them to paper. If you seem a little lost, I’d like to offer you my free report to help you get focused and concentrate on those goals.

You can find the report at the end of this post. Please feel  free to distribute it, pass it along to your lists, post it on your blogs or websites, share it with your friends or give it away.  The only thing you cannot do with it is to change it in any way or claim it as your own creation. It must be left intact, including all links contained within.

So with that out of the way, here you go. Please take action on the information contained within. It’s a short but very powerful read that will help you focus and realize all of those goals you didn’t get around to this year. I sincerely wish that you will realize your highest potential this year and  next.

Within this report is also a free gift. Something that has helped millions of people from all walks of life realize their highest potential. A digital download of a timeless classic, potentially one of the most powerful works ever created.

So, here’s the link to my free report and free gift to you-


If you don’t already have it, you’ll need the program to unzip the rar file. You can get it here. No need to purchase as the “trial” version never expires. Just go here-


So, take care but more importantly, take action. Make this your best year ever. Be More. Patrick

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Blog Success-Blogging as an Online Business

In case you don’t already know, blogging is growing at an incredible rate. The amount of people and businesses using blogs is ever increasing and businesses are finding that they need to be in touch with the general population on a more personal level to stay competitive.

Here are some very useful stats on the state of blogging in 2009-

2009 Blogging Stats.

Many people have no idea that there are actually professional bloggers making an incredible living using blogs to deliver content to their subscribers. This, in turn, drives traffic to the other sites and income streams owned by those professional bloggers.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. are growing at an alarming rate and many sources say that blogging plays an important role in their growth. You can connect all of these and more to your blogs and have contacts from them automatically added to the other sites as well.

As well as these sites, many others enjoy the fruits of the blogger’s efforts as they introduce their subscribers to information that otherwise would never have been found.

There’s a big debate on pure versus monetized blogging and the chasm grows wider as more people start to realize the opportunities that exist in professional blogging.

Many people are introduced to doing their first business online each day and a blog is about the lowest cost and simplest way to break into having an online presence. Of course, most people are not looking to use their blogs for business reasons. They just like to share their thoughts, photos, videos etc.

But just like the social sites, people in the blogging business are enjoying the fact that there’s already a captive audience with millions of people just looking for information. Where this exists, there’s money being made.

All you have to do to join the fun is set up a blog and start posting useful content. Of course, that may be easier said than done. Some will find writing original content difficult. Others have trouble coming up with ideas to blog about. The good thing is that these are skills that can be learned.

You can also find a service to do most of this for you, including setting up the blogs. There are also plugins that will post content for you automatically, updating your blog with fresh and relevant content, which the search engines love.

That being said, I want to introduce an already very popular and successful blogger who is offering a killer service and also a special offer to build a custom professional blog for you.

His name is Jack Humphrey and he runs a network of very successful blogs, including http://jackhumphrey.com/ and http://www.fridaytrafficreport.com/.

His service is Blog Success and I would highly recommend using this service if you are serious about professional blogging as a business. Just click on my affiliate link right here to get your professional custom blog built for you.  Even if you decide this is not for you, you get to keep the blog after the trial period, no strings attached.

Be sure to go through the presentation so you can see the awesome tools that you will be able to use for free when you join this service. I’m very excited that this type of service is available and the tools available in the member’s area make professional blogging a breeze.

Still not ready? How about you just download his free Authority Black Book.

Enjoy and take care.

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The FTC and Affiliate Marketing

I’m sure by now you have heard about the new FTC guidelines governing reviews and testimonials used on blogs and websites. This has bloggers and affiliate marketers freaking out. Specifically, about the supposed $11,000 fine for posting a review of a product on your site. This isn’t actually the case and has been misunderstood.

The FTC is not trying to stamp out the review process or regulate every aspect of how affiliate marketers write about and promote products. This has more to do with them writing false and unrealistic testimonials that cannot be achieved or duplicated by the vast majority of the general public.

For certain, this will affect affiliates and bloggers, but what they really want to do is curb the “scam” reviews and bring to the light the relationship of the reviewer and the products or companies that are being reviewed. THAT’S the real issue.

Not the review itself, which is what people actually want to read when they search for products. But the material relationship between the reviewer and the products being promoted.

For instance, if you review widgets and do not disclose that you receive compensation for the “reviewing” of the widget, then it cannot be construed as an honest review because your relationship is based on the compensation, and not actually on your true and honest opinion.

Sure, you may actually have used the widget and think it’s just great.  But if you do not disclose that your review and relationship is based on compensation, then it can’t be regarded as a completely unbiased and honest review. This is where the problem seems to arise.

The other issue that seems to be prevalent is the false and misleading testimonials attached to many of the promotions being published these days. So, if the product says “hi I’m Mary, and I lost 124 pounds using this weight loss product”, it must also be stated that these results are not typical of the average user of this product. I think this is actually a good thing and will help curb the false and misleading testimonials attached to most products and promotions.

So, if you have a website or blog and are promoting affiliate products, as most of us are, then it would be wise to have a disclosure policy in place. Almost every company on the planet is pushing the products and services of others, that’s the nature of business.

From your bank, to the car dealership, to your mechanic or your drugstore, every one of them is pushing affiliate products. You simply can’t produce everything yourself. But, if you review and provide testimonials for those said products, you have to disclose that you receive compensation for those reviews.

I personally don’t have a problem telling you that almost every banner, link and product on this page is an affiliate product that I will receive commission on if you buy it through my link. I would hope that you wouldn’t have a problem giving me a commission if I have provided some value to you in the way of an honest review or recommendation.

Someone will get paid when you purchase, regardless if it’s from me or another website. That’s the name of the game. So, hopefully, this sheds some light on the subject. Just be honest and transparent and don’t try to hide the facts. This should be part of your business model anyway.

So, just provide honest reviews and disclose your material relationship with the products or companies you recommend. That’s all. I’m not a lawyer so please educate yourself on all aspects of this matter before making an informed decision.

If you want to read just the actual FTC press release, click here. Download the whole guideline in PDF form here.

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How to Write Articles That Sell Products

Selling a product requires marketing and in marketing, advertising is an integral part. There are many forms in which a product can be advertised. An advertisement or even a review in black and white, is such an ad.

This is basically targeted at the educated and ‘no nonsense’ customers, depending upon the product. As such, it has to have some quality for which it will attract the attention of the reader and generate a possibility to transform them into a potential customer.

Here are a few tips for you to achieve this:

Do some keyword research first, which will be used in your article frequently. Like if you want to advertise mood rings, take some keywords like ‘colors of mood rings’, ‘mood rings’ effect on the mood’, ‘how mood rings change color and why’, ‘mood rings shop’, ‘mood rings fashion’, ‘mood rings pricelist’ and so on and so forth. If a person searches those keywords on the internet, he will get the information through your articles and that too in the pattern he desired. Ideally, the keyword density per article should be 1-3%.

Your article should be interesting enough to make the person read through it. You need to generate curiosity in their mind. Give catchy titles and use teasers to draw the instant attention of people. Highlight the main points, phrases and ideas, which are the selling points of the product. One-liners are good magnets for casual onlookers.

Your article should be informative, and that is a very important point. Give usable content. For that, you need to know what the product is, how it is manufactured and by whom, and what it’s characteristics are.

Find out it’s market, and what other products might be there in competition. Perform a little bit of research because prior knowledge on the subject is expected from the writer.

Gives facts, charts and figures while comparing the product you are selling to compare other such products in the market. These will help the consumer make an informed decision and you, being the one to give them the info, will increase your chances of them buying through your affiliate links.

After writing the article, what you have to do is to find out whether it has been good enough for your client to accept or not; also keep track of the updates. Now how will you know that it was good enough?

Well if the quality of the article was not compromised at any point, then it should be good enough and it will be able generate the required sale for the product. That’s your goal in writing in the first place. Try to remain focused and informed and your readers will feel the same when reading your articles.

Article writing is an extremely effective way to generate traffic, sell products and create content that will help you progress in your online business. Strive to write several articles a week at the very minimum and watch as your website climbs the ranks and attracts visitors on autopilot.

Take care and have a great week.

Be More,


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