Who ARE these People?

Look, I know you probably already get a ton of emails blowing up your inbox these days. If you’re here, then you are obviously into internet marketing. And if you are, then you are probably on someone’s list already.

My goal here in this post is to introduce you to some outstanding internet marketers. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time as these people bring value galore to the table in everything they do. Some have many products already, others are almost unknown.

Regardless, they are people that have proven to me that they continually provide extreme value either for free, or for a very reasonable price. With that being said, I’d also like to add that some of these people are what I like to call up and coming gurus. These are not the Kern’s and Filsaime’s of the IM world.

But they nevertheless garner the respect of their peers who have way more time invested in the IM game. I will make it a habit to bring these types to your attention in the future and can honestly say that they provide quality information and products.

That being said, this will not be an all inclusive list as there are just too many out there who are experts. So, here’s a few to start.

Jason Fladlien- What can I say. I think Jason is a genius. His webinars are incredible, so make sure you attend ANY of them if you get the chance. They are always packed with value. His products are cutting edge. It’s no wonder they call him the internet’s mad scientist. Check out his blog and products Here.

James Jones- You probably already know James from his awesome product, Micro Niche Finder. What you may not know about is that James puts on several webinars a month where he usually has an excellent speaker, such as Jason and others, that put out more incredible info. He also puts out a bi-monthly newsletter and has really killer product sales every week, usually for $7. Here’s one of his awesome PLR software and article packages- here.

Next is Sean Donahoe. I can’t say enough about Sean’s awesome products and killer free content. If you don’t know Sean yet, you should. His SEO skills are legendary and he has surely changed the SEO landscape for many. Sean regularly puts out about a product a month and has a killer membership site- just go here.

Do yourself a favor and get on these people’s lists, you won’t be sorry. These are the emails I actually look forward to receiving and actually open. They rarely push other people’s products and usually give excellent value and content, unlike many other lists you’re probably already subscribed to.

So there you go. These are just a few and I’ll be sending more your way in the future. Check these guys out and hopefully you can learn some new stuff from them soon. Take care and Be More. Patrick

I’ve Been Hacked- What Do I Do?

This morning I was logging into my blog to do a little writing. To my surprise, I saw my blog had been hacked. This has never happened to me before, so as you can imagine, I was a little freaked out by this. The hacker displayed a banner page with a message about Islamic religion and had some kind of Islamic singing in the background.

But the thing that worried me the most is that all of my sites were offline and hacked by the same person or people. Now, for my main site, the one that mattered most, I wasn’t too worried. I backup this site every day. But, this got me to thinking that all the rest of the backing up wasn’t current.

Now, I realize that not everyone backs up every day. But you should make this a habit anyway. Luckily for me, D9 hosting, where I have all of my sites hosted, was already aware of this problem and was actively taking measures to remedy it. Even though it is Sunday, they have fixed everyone’s sites that were hacked.

This still concerned me and I ended up changing passwords and such. But, they have backups of all of our sites, so that helps a lot.

Now, it occurred to me that not everyone even knows how to do a backup of their blog. I know I didn’t at first. And remarkably, that info isn’t the easiest to find either. Luckily, I belong to several great forums where I found the info quickly. But, for those that dont know how to backup WordPress, here you go.

Just go to your dashboard and look for TOOLS. Now, go into that and click on BACKUP. This will bring up the main backup menu. Now, configure it to backup the files you want and the frequency to backup those files. I go to the scheduled backup in the last box, include all the tables, schedule once daily and send to my email. This gives me an email with an attachment, which contains my WordPress backup files.

That’s it. You’re done. It’s so easy to set this up and you will always have the piece of mind that you can restore easily if something happens.

I want to thank Dan and Paula at D9 hosting for their fast action and excellent customer support in dealing with this issue. They have always fixed any problems I have experienced quickly and with the utmost attention to customer satisfaction. That’s why I’ll keep recommending them and their services.

Domaining for Profit- Find Expired Domain Names Easily

Every day, thousands of excellent, developed domains expire or are left by their owners and become available for purchase.

Just as I wrote my last article, I discovered an awesome tool for finding expired domain names. I’ll still be giving you some other tools that i use to find great domain names that were once registered. Some of these were complete websites, with good rankings, tons of backlinks and maybe some page rank.

There are many reasons that people let their developed domain names expire. These can include simply forgetting to renew them (very common), losing interest in the subject, an accident, etc. The reasons really don ‘t matter very much for you and I. What matters is finding those names that have commercial potential or can maybe be flipped to someone else who wants to develop them.

There’s also a couple of other options you can use to monetize them. This doesn’t require much development, just forwarding them and parking them. Domain parking is done when you just want to try to monetize your domains by putting them on a page with relevant ads that people may click on when visiting your page. These are normally Adsense ads. You can learn more about Adsense from Google‘s official websitehttps://www.google.com/adsense/.

This is another topic completely, but entire businesses are built using only Adsense sites. And some people actually make an incredible living from them.

Anyway, back to the program. The tool that just came out is called Domain Samurai, and it is a fantastic tool for finding new or expired domain names. It’s completely free to download and seems to be full of features. Just go to http://www.domainsamurai.com/. You can download a free and full featured software interface to help you find some great domain names.

Before this came out, I used to use another site to find some good domains. If you just go to http://www.whois.net/. Look for the last search box, named “Search through deleted domains”, type in your domain seed word, and presto, you have a huge list of expired domains.

Keep in mind that some of these may already be registered. I’m not sure how long they leave the deleted names in the database before removing the re-registered ones. But, just make a list of those names you want to register and head over to Godaddy. Under Domains, look for Bulk Domain Name Registration, input your list, and set your parameters. Then just register the ones you want.

So, I hope that helps you find some awesome names. If you’re looking for some keyword rich names, these are great tools to help you find them easier. You may want to read the previous posts for some tips on how to find good keyword domains. Just go here first and then check out the next article here.

Hope that helps. Now, go find those excellent and profitable domain names.

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How to Choose Domain Names for Websites

Many people who are just starting out have a problem with domain names. They just don’t have any idea how to choose domain names for websites. There is a process and some logic behind this and the right choice of a domain name should be a consideration.

In terms of ranking a site, a domain name plays an important part of the ranking process. Equally as important is, what you are actually using the website for. What I mean is this. If you have a personal blog or website, your own first and last name would be a good thing to brand yourself with, right from the beginning.

Don’t wait to purchase this name if you intend to spend any amount of time online. Many people have waited, thinking this was not that important, only to find that their name was not available when it came time to purchase it.

Another factor is whether you intend to use the site as a commercial site, or just a personal hobby type of site. For instance, specific names like cars.com or something similar are very hard to come by. But something like Marysquiltmaking.com might be available. So, your use of the name should be one of the first questions you should answer.

A further consideration should be how easy it is to remember. Cars.com is way easier to remember than Johnsusedcarssales.com, for instance. The shorter the name is, the better, normally. Try to stick with a .com if possible, as these are the most popular. If those are not available, go with a .net or a .org instead. If nothing is available with those, try including a hyphen or use prefixes or suffixes. For instance, if  patrickwooley.com isn’t available, try patrick-wooley.com, or patrickwooleysite.com, or something similar.

Use common sense with this and try to keep it as short as possible. This will help people remember it when they want to search for you in the future. I’ll be getting into domain names a little more in future posts as it’s something I’m very interested in as a business model.

Domaining, as the business is called, is when you buy and sell domain names. These are referred to as “virtual real estate”, and many people make a 6 figure living just buying and reselling valuable domain names. Yes, they actually have value. Just think if you owned Google.com or Yahoo.com. Every time someone does a search, they land on your site. That’s what makes a name valuable or not.

The nature of the game online is to get as much traffic as possible, and the right choice of a domain name is one way to get free, targeted traffic to your site. Stay tuned for future posts on domaining and I’ll be dropping some tools and websites that I use to find valuable ones. Take care and let me know what you think.

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Longtail Keyword Research Part 2

By now you should realize that you absolutely need keyword research to rank your sites and also to bring in targeted traffic. You should be looking for buying traffic and not just generic traffic. So, you understand the concept but maybe right now, you need some more specifics. So, let’s drill into this topic further so you may get a better understanding of how keyword research affects every aspect of your business.

Assuming that you don’t already have a keyword tool, we’ll go right to Google and check theirs out. Just go here. This is a free tool and most other paid versions get their info from this one.

Now, type in a seed keyword. Well use digital cameras. Now, here’s the key to proper keyword research. You want to look for keywords that are specific buying keywords. These are keywords that have modifiers.

A keyword modifier is a word or phrase that makes the searched for keyword much more specific, like Buy Canon Digital Rebel XSI, instead of digital camera. To get to buying keywords, and not just browsing keywords, you must be very specific in the search.

For instance, someone looking to purchase an item would already have figured out the description, model, type, price range and features of the item they’re looking for. So, on top of the fact that you’ll probably never rank for digital cameras, someone looking to purchase a digital camera will already have more information and researched further than just a generic search term like digital camera.

Adding terms like “buy”, “purchase”, “price”, etc, will increase the chances of targeting more specifically those people that are ready to make a purchase. You don’t want keywords like free, review, compare, etc., as these are browsing keywords. So, remember that when you’re writing and trying to rank for keyword terms. Higher rankings means more targeted visitors. And that translates into more sales.

Now, a few other issues to consider. The numbers. Many people disagree on these and so there are no rules set in stone regarding the search numbers. What you want to search for is exact searches. You can do this by putting quotations around the search term. Otherwise, Google defaults to a broad search.

Let’s take our previous example. For a general search, this would mean that anyone searching for digital cameras will get ANY site that has either digital OR camera in the title. This could be digital photography, digital downloads, camera lenses, or camera bags. So, by putting quotes around the search term, you’re asking Google to show only results with those specific words in sequence. So, it will give only results that have digital camera, in that specific order.

I realize that this only covers a very small portion of keyword research. But, to go into more detail would require an entire book on the subject. I’ll be going in to more specifics in later posts, but for now, I hope you have a better grasp of keywords and the part they play in your online business. Here’s a great video to help you understand better-

I’ll be giving some specific recommendations for some excellent keyword products in the near future, so keep your eyes open. Until next time, take care and Be More. Patrick

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